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So this is kinda like twittering but with pictures, hayley suggested it so it obviously means i HAVE to start using it.

edit: ill fix it later im too lazy


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Does anyone even do this anymore?

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Microwave anything

I was really bored and came across this. HAHA microwave ANYTHING.

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Im not an Archie, you’re an Archie.

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This is me 2 years ago

Oh how i’ve changed…

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Best thing ever

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Hatton-Pacquiao May2ND

My all time favorite boxer Ricky Hatton is set to fight the worlds best filipino fighter  on may 2nd in Las Vegas. ALREADY PRE ORDERED ON PPV THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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Lou. Pt. 1


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It was the promise of summer

Talking about summer ’09 wanna be weis fest spectacular is exciting.¬† For my 2 favs are coming!

  • Loserkids
  • Sombreros
  • Modlife HQ
  • Toms House
  • Beach Beach Beach
  • Roadtrip to SF
  • Marks House
  • Hollywood
  • LA

What else?? comment with what else you guys want to do.

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J and P: RTW: L.A.

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