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So this is kinda like twittering but with pictures, hayley suggested it so it obviously means i HAVE to start using it.

edit: ill fix it later im too lazy


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Im not an Archie, you’re an Archie.

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5 Months later, where are they now?


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Twittering, is that a verb?

So hayley just pretty much posted a blog talking about blink being back..kinda late there. Its ok shes effing awesome. That reminds me of paramore the band shes in, oh theyre going on tour with no doubt, no doubt. May 22nd is the date for me! Wonder how much tickets are gonna be. Should i twitter my thoughts while im in bed like a savvy college student who sips lattes all morning while discussing philosophy?


But I have been working on a new video from when we were in LA last weekend. Its not much but im gonna make it awesome!

Let me take a break from blogging to twitter that im blogging. Im SOOOOOO tech savvy.

Ok im back from twittering that fact that i took a break from blogging to twitter the fact i took that break from blogging to twitter. and now, im out!

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