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Does anyone even do this anymore?


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This is me 2 years ago

Oh how i’ve changed…

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Hatton-Pacquiao May2ND

My all time favorite boxer Ricky Hatton is set to fight the worlds best filipino fighter  on may 2nd in Las Vegas. ALREADY PRE ORDERED ON PPV THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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Lou. Pt. 1


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5 Months later, where are they now?


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Our new office

Pete and I decided to refurnish the “john and pete rule the world” office..heres a candid of me and him dicussing plans for world domination in our office.

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Oh by the way, I forgot to add this: I am a total creeper after a good day at the recruiters office.

Exhibit A:


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Jerk and his car.

This is a jerk and his car, me. A few houses down from Mark’s house.


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